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Parents Alalan
Residence Urithiru
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

Adin is a darkeyed boy living in Urithiru on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Adin is a thirteen-year-old darkeyed boy. He is very brave, risking his life in the fight to escape Urithiru. He hopes that his bravery will attract an honorspren and allow him to join the Windrunners. This belief caused him to glare at passing Regals during the occupation of Urithiru, though not when they were watching. He is relieved when he can walk without a limp after hurting his ankle, as he believes that a sign of weakness might scare off a potential Radiant bond.[2]


Adin was a resident of Urithiru during the True Desolation. He worked for his father, a potter named Alalan, though the bowls he made were often lopsided. Sometime before Raboniel's invasion of the tower, he fell down the stairs while pretending to be a Windrunner, after which Kaladin bandaged his ankle and told him to walk with a crutch.[1] His ankle got better later on, so when his father wanted to watch a battle in Urithitu, Adin followed to help and earn his own spren.[2] When the humans protected the fallen Radiants, Adin first tried to hide and only joined the fight later on when his father was already wounded. During the battle, Adin feared for his life, but both he and his father survived as they were saved by Dabbid and Kaladin, who had just earned his Shardplate.[3]



Adin's father. When Alalan catches Adin glaring at the Regals, he warns him to keep his eyes down, lest he is caught and killed. Adin views his father as extremely brave for tending the fallen radiants directly beneath the gaze of the Fused.[2]


Adin respects and reveres Kaladin, viewing him with a sense of awe. He is embarrassed that he missed seeing Kaladin fight for the well node, an event that he napped through.[2]


Shar is the daughter of a seamstress in Urithiru which Adin doesn't particularly like. According to him, she is bossy enough that one would think she is lighteyed. Her uncle is a Windrunner. When Adin catches her glaring at warform singers he thinks that she is trying to attract her own honorspren.[2]

Master Liganor[edit]

Master Liganor is the lighteyed owner of the pottery Adin's father is working at. Adin thinks he is nice and appreciates the bravery of keeping the shop open during the occupation, though he did close the shop when a fight broke out.[2]


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