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Profession Vizier
Nationality Azish
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Oathbringer

What! I misspelled three words in the first paragraph alone!

— Dalksi upon the mention of her application on becoming Prime[1]

Dalksi is an Azish vizier on Roshar during the Era of Solitude.[1]

In 1173, after the assassination of two Prime Aqasixes by Szeth, Dalksi attended the holy conclave in the Bronze Palace to chose a new Prime. Dalksi, like many, feared for her life and did not want to be chosen as the new Prime. In order to avoid being chosen, she submitted a poor application, misspelling several words in her essay among other intentional mistakes. Another vizier attempted to compliment Dalksi's essay, but Dalksi denied the compliment, claiming that Axikk's essay was superior.

During her time in the palace, Lift got to know Dalksi better, although she never bothered to learn her name, referring to her as Dalky instead.[2]

She is one of Yanagawn's highest advisers, and is present when the Azish fleet escapes Thaylen City prior to the Battle of Thaylen Field. She asks Yanagawn what he means when he says that Lift is 'the other kind of smart'. She then opens the door for Vono to report that Lift had escaped.[3]

Dalksi has an odd-looking nose that resembles a spigot.[2] Her hair is powder white, and she is the oldest of Yanagawn's advisers, but isn't the most senior.[3]


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