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Related to Autonomy
Focus Unknown
Prerequisites Unknown
Type End-Positive
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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The more I study sand mastery, the more I see connections to the Starcarved of Darkside. The sun invests some kind of power into the lichen on the sand, similar to how the particulate cloud sends out a weekly pulse that invests power into our starmarks, even if only some few chosen seem to be able to access that power.

Starmarks is a manifestation of Investiture on the Darkside of Taldain.[1] Those who use this system are called Starcarved. Starmarks are highly connected to sand mastery.[1]


It is unknown how someone gains starmarks, but only a few are chosen to access the power.[1] Those who gain the power must first be shown by another Starcarved.


The magic primarily functions through tattoos and its effects are not nearly as noticeable as sand mastery,[2][3] although with current information the latter may no longer be true. Starcarved are charged by weekly pulses of light and Investiture from Ridos.[1] There are several different colors of Starmark. Some applications of starmarks allow the starcarved to make razor sharp blades or create a shield that can withstand bullets.

Starmarks do not work and are not visible on Dayside.[4][5]

Notable Starcarved[edit]


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