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Dieno enne Calah

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Dieno enne Calah
Aliases The Mink
Profession Soldier
Nationality Herdazian
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Dieno enne Calah, often known as the Mink, is in command of a group of soldiers and refugees at the Alethi-Herdazian border after the initial singer occupation of Alethkar. He is an escape artist who is fond of testing his skills against the best manacles that his officers can find.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The general is a middle-aged, darkeyed Herdazian man. He has brown skin and a touch of grey in his thin mustache. He is described (albeit in unflattering terms and by an adversary) as having a too-wide smile, a flat nose, and a missing tooth.

He is easygoing with his soldiers and officers, and enjoys escaping from locked manacles.


At some point in his life, the general was chained at a beach somewhere near the Alethi-Herdazian border where an enormous greatshell nicknamed "the hog" resides. He was able to unshackle himself in under a minute and escape being eaten by the creature. It is unclear whether he was there by choice to test his escaping skills or whether he was a prisoner condemned to be fed to the hog.

Some time after the singer occupation of Alethkar began, the general gained command over a group of soldiers and refugees at that same area of the border.

At one point, the soldiers in the general's company catch Sheler, an Alethi soldier, harassing and stealing from the local populace. As punishment, the general gives Sheler three options: death by the sword (doled out by the women he harassed), having his knees smashed with a hammer and left for the highstorm, or wrestling "the hog."[1]

We also know that the general will be relevant in Rhythm of War. He will be hiding as a refugee and Lirin will be looking for him. It is unclear whether they are on good terms or not. It seems as though Lirin will be trying to hide him.[2]


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