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Type Book
Author Corvana
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
Anak malah kaf, del makian habin yah
—A phrase from the Analectics, translated to mean, "To be human is to want that which we cannot have."[1]

The Analectics is a book written by Corvana on Roshar.[1]


In the Analectics, Corvana compiled the some of chants sung by the Vanrial, an order of artists.[1] The Vanrial have sung these words year after year without understanding the words, whose meaning had been lost to time. The Vanrial claimed that these songs were written in the Dawnchant by the Heralds.

Princess Jasnah Kholin owned a copy of the Analectics, which she left on the Shattered Plains in the care of her uncle.[1] In 1173, when Brightlady Navani Kholin recorded the fourteenth vision that Highprince Dalinar Kholin had, she recognized that his last words as part of the Analectics.[1] She referred to Jasnah's copy and confirmed that it was identical to a quote from the Vanrial's songs. In doing so, she proved that Dalinar's visions were not fabrications, but rather drawn from somewhere else. This discovery also allowed for the possibility of translating the songs recorded in the Analectics, as well as the Dawnchant.


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