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Profession Artifabrian
Groups Vriztl Guild
Residence Thaylen City
Nationality Thaylen
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

We use sound. If you can make the gemstone vibrate at a certain frequency, it will draw in Stormlight regardless of the size of gems placed next to it.

—Ulvlk's revelation to Navani[1]

Ulvlk is a Thaylen artifabrian on Roshar and a member of the Vriztl Guild.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ulvlk is a young Thaylen woman. She is loyal to her guild, but she is also concerned about the greater good.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a member of the Vriztl Guild, Ulvlk is knowledgeable regarding the known properties of Stormlight and fabrials, including certain "trade secrets" that are shared only among guild members.[1] She serves in Queen Fen Rnamdi's court in Thaylen City.[2]


In 1175, Ulvlk and her colleague Vrandl visited Urithiru to listen to Navani's lectures on fabrials. During their visit, Raboniel invaded the tower and fighting between the singers and humans commenced. Navani made contact with the Sibling and began receiving information about Raboniel's likely plans.[3] As an expert on fabrials, Navani was aware that the two Thaylen scholars might have confidential information that would be crucial to defending the tower, and she kept them close by.[2]

Acting on the Sibling's instructions, Navani sought a method to quickly transfer Stormlight between gemstones. Vrandl became suspicious since Navani needed very specific information that only she and Ulvlk could provide, and believed that Navani was trying to trick them into revealing their "trade secrets". Navani rebuked the Thaylens for withholding information that could potentially save humanity. Although she initially resisted, Ulvlk decided to reveal the Vriztl secret of using a specific sound frequency created by tuning forks to transfer Light between gems. Ulvlk was nervous about giving Navani this information; Vrandl maintained her position that Navani's motivation was a ruse, and told Ulvlk that she would be expelled by the guild for revealing their secret, although Navani reassured Ulvlk that she only wanted to stop the invaders. Navani presumably soon convinced Vrandl that she was genuine, as the coalition scholars were provided with two tuning forks by the Thaylens.[1]

Ulvlk's decision to reveal the Thaylen method of Stormlight transfer allowed the Sibling to temporarily protect their crystal pillar from Raboniel. It was also a turning point in Navani's scholarly knowledge of Lights and Rhythms. Navani and Rushu had been unable to deduce the relatively simple tuning fork method that had been passed down in the Vriztl Guild for centuries.[1] Learning of the Thaylen method (which actually used the pure tone of Honor) was foundational to Navani's later breakthroughs while she was held captive by Raboniel, including Warlight and Anti-Voidlight.[4][5]


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