Myth of Parasaphi and Nadris

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Myth of Parasaphi and Nadris
Type Folk tale
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The story mentions the Desolations at the beginning. Giving them credit for having wiped out Parasaphi's people.

—Navani about the myth[1]

The myth of Parasaphi and Nadris is the creation myth of the Makabaki people of Roshar. Navani Kholin and Renarin Kholin discuss it while trying to understand Dalinar's visions and the Desolations. Evi Kholin told the story to Renarin when he was a child.[1]

According to the story, Parasaphi was a woman whose people had been all but wiped out in a Desolation, while Nadris was a man--perhaps her partner--on his deathbed. In order to preserve her people, Parasaphi climbed the peaks of Dara to find seedstones, stones touched by the Heralds. She collected them and brought them down to Nadris, then harvested his seed to bring life to the stones. Ten children sprang out and with them, Parasaphi founded the nation of Marnah.[1]

This legend says that the Makabaki people are all descended from Parasaphi's children. This would mean that Marnah predates the Silver Kingdoms of Makabakam. However, in the modern day, it's unclear which mountain range corresponds to the peaks of Dara. The telling of the myth changes, each naming different mountain ranges for the peaks.[1]

Dalinar Kholin found the idea that people would be born from rocks to be ridiculous.[1]


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