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Evi Kholin

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Evi Kholin
by horizonproblems
House Kholin
Spouse Dalinar
Children Adolin, Renarin
Siblings Toh
Born 1124[1]
Died 1163[2]
Nationality Riran
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Evi Kholin was Dalinar Kholin's late wife. She was tall, blonde, and has a small chest.[1]


Evi and her brother, Toh, pursued an alliance with the Alethi, offering a set of Shardplate in exchange for Alethi protection from their own people. It was Sadeas who suggested that Dalinar marry for the benefits of an alliance or Shards. Dalinar agreed to marry Evi, knowing that Navani was now beyond his reach because she'd chosen to marry his brother. This resulted in the marriage between Dalinar and Evi and the acquisition of her Shardplate. Although she tried to fit in with Alethi society, Evi never found friends in Alethkar. It did not help that her husband was cold and aloof. She was a pacifist and often pleaded with Dalinar to not fight, however he usually ignored her. Her only joys were their children Adolin and Renarin, who she had a large hand in raising, due to Dalinar's frequent absence.

During his assault on Rathalas, Dalinar inadvertently set her prison on fire, thus killing her.[2] Unbeknownst to Dalinar, she had come to the city to plead with the rebels therein to surrender.

Sadeas and Dalinar were publicly censured by the king for the loss of the city. Sadeas would later be responsible for spinning a story about what had happened. There is some contradiction between this and what Adolin had heard: that Sadeas himself burned the city in retribution for the death of Evi.


Until the events of Oathbringer, Dalinar cannot hear or remember her name. He has no memories of her, but knows he was married to her for years before her death. When her name is mentioned, Dalinar hears a rushing of wind instead of her name. Searching for some recollection of her, Dalinar asks Navani Kholin about her, who says that she was a nice woman, but didn't match Dalinar in intellect.[3]

She has been erased from Dalinar's memory so thoroughly that sometimes he has trouble even remembering that he had ever been married in the first place.[4] Dalinar is able to remember memories which include her but will see a blank spot where she should be in the memory, even if all other details are incredibly crisp. Dalinar thinks of these as strange gaps and foggy areas of his mind.[5]

When looking at her son Adolin, Kaladin thinks to himself that his mother was likely from Rira due to the large amount of blonde in his hair.[6]

Adolin inherited his Plate from his mother's side of the family.[7] Shallan says that Adolin's mother is responsible for there being sketches of Adolin's Plate in the royal record.[8]


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