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Rira (country)

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Locator Rira.png
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Rira is a kingdom in north-western Roshar, bordering on Iri and Babatharnam.[1]

In the Silver Kingdoms era, Rira was a part of Iri.[2] Iri continues to be a major influence in Rira in the present day;[3] however, there are some people in Rira who make an effort to keep themselves ideologically and religiously distinct from Iri, as well as the Vorin nations to the east. [4]

Rira has an Oathgate which Jasnah Kholin believes is located in the city of Kurth.[5] Rira is not a current military power[6] and does not possess soulcasters.[7] Rira is also home to the Sunken Forests. [4]

Dalinar Kholin’s wife Evi was from Rira. She married him after she and her brother Toh fled the country with a set of Shardplate they had stolen, which Dalinar later gave to his son Adolin.[7] This theft was one of the reasons Iri, and therefore Rira, did not join Dalinar’s coalition.[6]

While both Rirans and Iriali share many physical traits, there are some small genetic differences between them, which has plot significance.[8]

Following the Battle of Thaylen Field, Rira along with most of the surrounding region have joined with the forces of Odium.[9]


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