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Siblings Evi Kholin
Relatives Adolin, Renarin (nephews)
Nationality Riran
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Heralds themselves favor you.

— Toh to Gavilar[1]

Toh (Alethi pronunciation: [toː] TOH)[2] is Evi Kholin's brother and Dalinar's brother-in-law.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Toh is a tall, lighteyed man with golden hair. He speaks with a thick accent, lengthening his "ah" and "oh" sounds.[1] He's sometimes described as spindly, and walks with a delicate gait.[3]

Toh is careful and overly cautious, with a certain sense of delicacy about him. He tends to act in a rather naive way, such as mistaking a brawl for a party, and speaks a lot when nervous.[3] He's extremely curious about the Alethi and the ways in which they wage war, being particularly impressed with Soulcasters. He seems to adore the Alethi history, most of all the achievements of the Sunmaker.[1] It's uncertain, however, how much of his behavior is genuine, and how much is his wariness of Dalinar and the need to get into Gavilar's good graces.


Toh grew up in Rira with his sister, Evi. When the two were in their late teens, they fled their home with Evi's set of Shardplate, to the ire of their relatives. They sought out the Alethi and tried to use the Shardplate as a bargaining chip to gain political asylum, with Toh negotiating with Gavilar for the two of them. This worked, with Dalinar marrying Evi in exchange for the Plate, and both her and Toh gaining significant status.[1]

For some time, Toh lived with Kholinar along with his sister. He was present when she gave birth to Adolin, and brought the good news to Dalinar.[3] Several years later, he moved to the coast of Herdaz, where he lived for at least another decade under the protection of Alethi bodyguards.[4] He is nowhere to be seen during the War of Reckoning, making his current fate uncertain.


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