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Siblings Evi Kholin
Relatives Adolin, Renarin
Nationality Riran
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Toh (Alethi pronunciation: [toː] TOH)[1] is Evi Kholin's brother[2]. He has golden hair. He has a thick accent, lengthening his "ah" and "oh" sounds.

Toh and Evi took a set of Shardplate with them when they left Rira. As refugees, they used the Shardplate as a bargaining chip to gain political asylum. The Alethi give Toh and Evi political asylum, and Evi is given in marriage to Dalinar to cement this alliance.

Toh attends a feast with Gavilar, Dalinar, Sadeas, Navani, and Ialai to find out if the Alethi can protect him and his sister. He eventually accepts that the Alethi can do this.

Toh is fascinated by Soulcasters and with how the Alethi military deals with highstorms while on campaign. He admires Sunmaker's achievements, and compares Gavilar to him.

Toh moved to the coast in Herdaz sometime prior to 1153, under the protection of Alethi bodyguards.[3]


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