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Type Moss
Used for Anti-inflammatory and Recreational
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Rubbing firemoss was said to make a man’s mind more receptive to thoughts and ideas. The one time Szeth had tried it, it had given him a headache and two blistered fingers.

Szeth on firemoss[1]

Firemoss is a plant native to Roshar. It is an addictive drug used by rubbing the red-brown moss between the thumb and forefinger. When rubbed, it gives off wisps of smoke and a crackling sound similar to a knife scratching bone. It can blister the fingers until calluses are built up. Inhaling the smoke makes the experienced user feel euphoric.[1][2]

Firemoss can also be used to reduce cranial swelling in extreme cases, although there is a high risk of the patient developing an addiction.[3] While Kaladin is recovering from the fight with the chasmfiend and wandering in the chasms, he is offered firemoss as a pain reliever. He refuses it because he knows firemoss is addictive and remembers that his father hated using it.[4]

Shortly after Shallan's encounter with Re-Shephir in Urithiru, Teft developed a firemoss addiction. He preferred the physical pain it gave to his mental pain, and experienced it as a sign of life.[5] Eventually Teft got arrested because public intoxication of firemoss was forbidden.[6]


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