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Type Moss
Used for Anti-inflammatory and Recreational
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Rubbing firemoss was said to make a man’s mind more receptive to thoughts and ideas. The one time Szeth had tried it, it had given him a headache and two blistered fingers.

Szeth on firemoss[1]

Firemoss is a plant native to Roshar. It is an addictive drug used by rubbing the red-brown moss between the thumb and forefinger. When rubbed, it gives off wisps of smoke and a crackling sound similar to a knife scratching bone. It can blister the fingers until calluses are built up. Inhaling the smoke makes the experienced user feel euphoric.[1][2]

Firemoss can also be used to reduce cranial swelling in extreme cases, although there is a high risk of the patient developing an addiction.[3] While Kaladin is recovering from the fight with the chasmfiend and wandering in the chasms, he is offered firemoss as a pain reliever. He refuses it because he knows firemoss is addictive and remembers that his father hated using it.[4]

Teft developed an addiction to firemoss when he was in the Sadeas army, but never could get in too much trouble due to a lack of money. Shortly after Shallan's encounter with Re-Shephir in Urithiru, it became obvious that he had relapsed. He used the firemoss to function, and did not even experience the euphoria anymore. His powerlessness to resist the drug made him feel ashamed, and he rejected the honorspren trying to bond him because of it.[5] Eventually, Teft was arrested for public intoxication on firemoss, though the Highprince of Information, Aladar, quietly had Navani issue orders to release him.[6] After he swore the the Third Ideal of the Windrunners during the Battle of Thaylen Field, he discovered that the Ideals did not make his addiction go away, but Kaladin promised to help him.[7]

After the unification of Alethkar, Dalinar Kholin used firemoss at least once, when he didn't want to think about politics or war.[2]


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