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Relatives Tomor[1] (nephew)
Skills Artifabrian
Profession Ardent
Religion Vorinism
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

It's not a disaster, Brightness, but there’s so much to worry about.


Falilar is an ardent who serves as an engineer working under Navani Kholin's direction in Urithiru on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Falilar is an elderly man with a shaved head and a squared white beard.[3][4] He obtains a sense of security from worrying a lot and tends to tug on his beard while he frets.[2] He also gets excited when running an experiment.[5]


Ardent and Artifabrian[edit]

Brightlady Navani Kholin was the patron of Falilar's studies in engineering and fabrials. He was present on the Shattered Plains for her test of the floating parapet that was made with the use of reverser fabrials, where he observed a wobble in the parapet's ascent and was concerned by the fact that its motion was not smoother.[3] After the move to Urithiru, Navani sketched some new inventions, and one of her scribes suggested showing them to Falilar for him to verify the feasibility of such engineering.[6]

When Rysn undertook her Expedition to Akinah, Huio stumbled across a previously undiscovered application of aluminum: using it in fabrials with conjoined rubies to cause them to ignore certain directions of movement.[7] After the discovery was reported back to Urithiru, Falilar made a breakthrough involving fabrial cages that allowed the artifabrians to isolate planes of motion. This in turn led to the successful design of the Fourth Bridge and other, smaller, inventions.[1]

Falilar was part of the coterie of scientists and engineers that accompanied the Fourth Bridge to Hearthstone to evacuate the town. He worked closely with Rushu, inspecting the schematics to ensure that the Fourth Bridge would continue to work as it should.[4][2] When most of the town was onboard, Falilar informed Navani of the fifteen residents who had refused to leave and told her that the evacuation was going more quickly than planned. He was, however, still nervous that the Fourth Bridge would malfunction, so Navani instructed him to triple-check his calculations and make visual inspections.[2]

Experiments and Discoveries[edit]

Navani went to visit the engineers who worked in the old Urithiru gem archive one day, and Tomor pulled her over to the table where he and Falilar had been working on creating a prototype for the project she had given them. She tested their design, a six-inch box that she could strap to her wrist and use to pull her along a certain vector. Although the design worked-the ruby inside could be engaged and disengaged, then engaged again in a different direction-Falilar was concerned that they still had no answer to the large amount of manpower needed for such devices.[1]

You've spent years building bridges to span chasms. Let’s learn how to span the sky.

Navani to Falilar[1]

In answer, Navani led Falilar to the edge of a shaft than ran straight down through Urithiru past its basements. She presented him with the idea of attaching a conjoined ruby and a trigger mechanism to one of the pulleys and weights installed in the shaft, explaining that she had devised windmills with conjoined gemstones that would use the power of highstorms to ratchet the weights back up to the top. By the end, Falilar excitedly asked for instructions; Navani directed him to work on both the original idea of a lift system and Tomor's idea of the personal device she had just tested.[1]

When one of Navani's scribes discovered a hidden room off of the atrium, a Stoneward shaped the rock into an opening and Falilar came to measure the room. He noted to Navani that the room they were in was reproduced on the scale model they had discovered there, positing that that room and the others they had discovered with no apparent entrance actually had doors that could open and close; when the tower was abandoned, the rooms whose doors had been shut at the time remained sealed off. This idea was backed up by the gemstone they had discovered in the stone of the doorway. Falilar volunteered to examine both the gemstone and the scale model before asking her to drop in on Tomor if she had time.[8]

The Sibling and the Invasion[edit]

As Navani left, however, Isabi brought her the blinking spanreed that the Sibling was using to contact her. Falilar and a host of other scholars set the spanreed up on a table. Falilar directed Isabi to set up the scale they had designed to measure the decay in the fabrial. When he indicated that they were ready, Navani engaged the spanreed and the scholars began taking measurements. Falilar reported to Navani that whoever was using the paired spanreed was inside the tower and suggested that they move to a second location to gather data for triangulation, so they quickly packed it up, set up again on the plateau in front of Urithiru, and measured again. Navani then got the idea of "losing" the spanreed to force the other party's hand; Falilar was dismayed to see her kick it over the edge of the plateau but readily received instructions to assemble a team to search for it.[5] Falilar and his team tracked down the location of the one contacting Navani to a dark area on the fourth floor near the Devotary of Mercy using the gathered data, but they never located anything or anyone there.[9]

During the occupation of Urithiru by the Fused, Navani made the decision to continue her research, which included that of all of the scholars she funded, under Raboniel's observation. She stopped by the library where her teams had all been confined and spoke briefly with Falilar, who told her of the casualties in the crystal pillar room.[10] As they continued their work, Falilar was among the few scholars important enough to be personally escorted when they left the library room.[11]


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