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Emotion bracelet

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Emotion bracelet
by Isaac Stewart
Fabrial Type Alerter
Featured in The Stormlight Archive
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An Emotion bracelet is a type of alerter fabrial that is able to detect emotions that are being experienced by those nearby.[1] It was developed during the Era of Solitude on Roshar. Brightlady Navani Kholin drew a diagram of an emotion bracelet in her notebook. As a well known artifabrian, it is likely she had a hand in its design.[2]


An emotion bracelet fabrial consists of ten fabrials that work together which are arranged on a bracelet in the shape of the double-eye of the Almighty.[1] These ten fabrials each glow when they detect a specific emotion. It takes some practice to learn how to read which emotions are being read by the fabrial. It can also be difficult to determine whose emotions are being detected, one's own, one's target or someone else's emotions entirely. A precise emotional state can be determined based on which of ten emotions are being felt by the subject. The emotions the fabrial can detect are anticipation, anger, disgust, sadness, love, hate, joy, trust, fear, and surprise.


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