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Profession Scholar
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Isabi is a young scholar on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Isabi is one of the younger members of Navani's team of scholars and ardents in Urithiru. She is small in stature and looks her age; Navani thinks of her as a "girl".[2][3] She has a curious mind.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Isabi is able to use a spanreed, and can therefore read and write in women's script. She has received some training in engineering and the scientific method.[2] Despite her youth, Isabi seems to have the full trust of Falilar and Navani.[3]


Isabi's early history is unknown, but she presumably moved to Urithiru at some point after the Battle of Narak. She is the daughter of an unspecified Windrunner.[2]

She became apprenticed to Falilar as a scholar. In 1175, Falilar worked with Isabi on a method to triangulate the location of a spanreed by placing the board on a scale to measure the very slight weight changes related to an inherent decay that affects a conjoiner fabrial's weight when it is in use.[2] Isabi was tasked with monitoring a mysterious spanreed that an unknown entity was using to contact Navani, and alerted Falilar and Navani when a message was coming in.[1] Isabi helped Falilar set up the measuring system while Navani was using the spanreed, and helped set it up again as the team rushed to a different location to take additional measurements. The experiment confirmed that the messages were coming from inside the tower; Navani suspected that the sender was a spren.[2]

After deliberately losing her half of the mystery spanreed, Navani waited to see if the spren would send another ruby. When Dabbid showed up with a replacement, Navani intended to interrogate him, and asked Isabi to contact Kalami to assist her. As she sent the message, however, Isabi received news of the explosion caused by Talnah and Nem experimenting with the black sphere that Gavilar gave to Szeth.[3]

Navani eventually confirmed that she was corresponding with the Sibling.[5] Isabi was with the group of scholars that accompanied Navani as she followed the Sibling's direction to a sapphire that, when infused, erected a magical barrier around the Sibling's crystal pillar. This prevented Raboniel from infusing the pillar with Voidlight to corrupt the spren.[4]


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