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Spouse Fen Rnamdi
Children Kdralk
Titles Prince consort of Thaylenah
Residence Thaylen City
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Kmakl is Queen Fen's husband and the prince consort of Thaylenah on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is aging, and has drooping mustaches that match his long Thaylen eyebrows.[1] He wears a vest and a cap.[1] He is not a Shardbearer and does not carry a sword; Dalinar notes that this would be unusual for someone of Kmakl's rank in Alethkar.[2] He is often by the queen's side and sometimes acts as an informal advisor,[3] but he does not interfere with her duties as monarch.[2] He is optimistic[4] and courageous.[5]


Kmakl is present when Dalinar Kholin arrives in Thaylen City to assess the damage from the Everstorm.[2] Kmakl is attended by several scribes and instructs them to write down important bits of Fen's conversation with Dalinar for the official record.[2]

He and Fen attend a meeting of Dalinar's coalition in Urithiru, and Kdralk seems satisfied with Navani's suggestion that the Thaylens oversee trade and supplies.[3]

As the Battle of Thaylen Field unfolds, Kmakl, Fen, and Navani Kholin survey the battlefield from the city walls.[4] Kmakl believes that the coalition may successfully defend the city until a thunderclast appears nearby, shaking the ground and severely damaging the wall.[4] Kmakl suffers a cut to his scalp, but he and Fen are able to escape down a staircase to a guard chamber.[6] However, they are seized by soldiers from House Sadeas under the influence of the Thrill.[7] They are bound and gagged[7] and the soldiers move to kill Kmakl, since Amaram will only care about the queens.[5] Kmakl tries to face his death with dignity, but the soldiers continue to manhandle him until Navani is able to incapacitate them with her painrial.[5]

Kmakl and Fen subsequently witness Nergaoul's appearance on the battlefield,[5] Dalinar summoning Honor's Perpendicularity,[8] Jasnah Soulcasting a new section of one of the city's walls,[8] and his son Kdralk attempting to recover a Shardblade.[8] Kmakl thinks the new wall will hold off Odium's forces until he sees the sheer number of Singers that are prepared to attack, driven by the Thrill.[8]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

By Kelek, storms, and Passions alike, what is that?

—Kmakl, seeing the red mist of Nergaoul[5]

Like many Thaylens, Kmakl seems to have an affinity for both Vorinism and the Passions.[5]


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