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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Passions are a philosophy or religion from Thaylenah on Roshar.[1][2][3]


Don't know much blustering math...But I do know the Passions. You win when you need it most, you see.

The primary tenet of the Passions is that wanting something draws it to you.[1] If you need money very badly, you will win when you gamble,[2] or if you strongly desire to visit a particular destination, you will get there even without a map.[4] The Passions do not have a formal theology, yet some people treat them as a religion instead of a philosophy.[1] Belief in the Passions is reinforced by the existence of spren on Roshar,[1] which often appear in response to emotions.

Although Thaylen lore holds that the most Passionate among them could reopen the "portal of worlds" (possibly referring to an Oathgate),[5] the Passions do not actually have any inherent magical component.[6]

Relationship to Shards[edit]

The Passions have their basis in traditions that were influenced by the Shard Odium.[7] Odium refers to himself as an incarnation of "Passion"[8] and many of his followers (such as the Fused and Moash) commonly speak of Passion that comes from or honors Odium.[9][10][11] Although the Thaylen Passions are not directly linked to Odium, indirect connections through tradition and inspiration do exist.[7]

Another Shard named Ruin that formerly inhabited Scadrial also spoke pointedly about passion.[12][13] This may have some significance in the cosmere, as not all of the Shards share Ruin and Odium's regard for passion.[14]


Although Thaylenah is not considered a "Vorin kingdom",[2] Vorinism is culturally dominant[15] and there is an outpost of Vorin leadership located there.[16] Thaylens are therefore nominally Vorin, but many prominent Thaylens (including Yalb,[2] Yokska,[17] and Vstim[18]) also follow the Passions. Queen Fen and her husband Kmakl both make reference to the Passions,[5][19] and Febrth continues to follow the Passions even after joining the Diagram.[4] Rysn expresses some skepticism about the Passions, although they seem to be culturally ingrained in her.[18] Hobber also follows the Passions,[20] although his ethnicity is not known.

Fen tells Dalinar Kholin that some of the events surrounding the True Desolation have caused her people to consider abandoning Vorinism altogether in favor of the Passions.[21]


But wishing and expecting is of the Passions. A heresy. A good Vorin worries about transforming themselves.

—Elhokar Kholin[22]

The Passions are generally dismissed by people from Vorin strongholds such as Alethkar and Jah Keved. Elhokar Kholin calls them heretical,[23] while Shallan Davar and Navani Kholin see them as a pagan pseudo-religion or set of superstitions.[5][2] Jasnah Kholin believes that all religions, including the Passions, are equally impossible to verify.[3]



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