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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Passions are a philosophy or religion from Thaylenah on Roshar.[1][2][3]


Don't know much blustering math...But I do know the Passions. You win when you need it most, you see.

The primary tenet of the Passions is that wanting something draws it to you.[1] If you need money very badly, you will win when you gamble,[2] or if you strongly desire to visit a particular destination, you will get there even without a map.[4] The Passions do not have a formal theology, yet some people treat them as a religion instead of a philosophy.[1] Belief in the Passions is reinforced by the existence of spren on Roshar,[1] which often appear in response to emotions.

Although Thaylen lore holds that the most Passionate among them could reopen the "portal of worlds" (possibly referring to an Oathgate),[5] the Passions do not actually have any inherent magical component.[6]

Relationship to Shards[edit]

The Passions have their basis in traditions that were influenced by the Shard Odium.[7] Odium refers to himself as an incarnation of "Passion"[8] and many of his followers (such as the Fused and Moash) commonly speak of Passion that comes from or honors Odium.[9][10][11] Although the Thaylen Passions are not directly linked to Odium, indirect connections through tradition and inspiration do exist.[7]

Another Shard named Ruin that formerly inhabited Scadrial also spoke pointedly about passion.[12][13] This may have some significance in the cosmere, as not all of the Shards share Ruin and Odium's regard for passion.[14]


Although Thaylenah is not considered a "Vorin kingdom",[2] Vorinism is culturally dominant[15] and there is an outpost of Vorin leadership located there.[16] Thaylens are therefore nominally Vorin, but many prominent Thaylens (including Yalb,[2] Yokska,[17] Hobber,[18] and Vstim[19]) also follow the Passions. Queen Fen and her husband Kmakl both make reference to the Passions,[5][20] and Febrth continues to follow the Passions even after joining the Diagram.[4] Rysn expresses some skepticism about the Passions, although they seem to be culturally ingrained in her.[19]

Fen tells Dalinar Kholin that some of the events surrounding the True Desolation have caused her people to consider abandoning Vorinism altogether in favor of the Passions.[21]


But wishing and expecting is of the Passions. A heresy. A good Vorin worries about transforming themselves.

—Elhokar Kholin[22]

The Passions are generally dismissed by people from Vorin strongholds such as Alethkar and Jah Keved. Elhokar Kholin calls them heretic,[23] while Shallan Davar and Navani Kholin see them as a pagan pseudo-religion or set of superstitions.[5][2] Jasnah Kholin believes that all religions, including the Passions, are equally impossible to verify.[3]



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