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Profession Scholar
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

You should not dismiss one of my theories so quickly.

— Inadara to Shallan[1]

Inadara is a lighteyed scholar and scribe working for House Kholin during and after the War of Reckoning.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Inadara is an elderly, lighteyed woman; Shallan describes her as wizened, and similar to her father's ardents.[3] She's rather severe and very set in her ways, and doesn't seem accustomed to not being in charge of a research project, pushing her own ideas even when they're supposed to be studying something else. She's also highly suspicious of things she doesn't understand, like Pattern and Knights Radiant.[1] This being said, she's highly professional and can admit when she's wrong.[2][4]


Little is known about Inadara's life before the War of Reckoning. She appears to have made a name for herself during her youth, as by the Battle of Narak, she's a well-known and well-respected scholar.[1] Her precise dahn is unknown, but she is important enough to have a palanquin carrying her around.[2]

Inadara accompanies Adolin when goes to parlay with Eshonai. She carries a spanreed, and uses it to note down the entire conversation and to get Navani and Dalinar's opinions on what Adolin should say next.[2]

During the Battle of Narak, she is assigned to work with Shallan on finding and discovering the Oathgate, and takes it upon herself to order the scouts assisting them. She also wants to study Pattern, suspecting him of being a Voidbringer. After Pattern insults her in return, she joins the other scholars in discussing the map of the Plains, and eventually decides to send her entire group onto the Narak plateau, hoping to find more information there.[1] When Shallan diverts the team to what she believes to be the Oathgate platform instead, Inadara is initially dismissive, believing that a location of such strategic importance wouldn't be so visible.[5]

Upon entering the Oathgate control chamber, Inadara changes her tune completely. She seems shocked, observing the chamber in awe and declaring that she no longer knows what is correct and what is wrong.[4] While she does take her time to note Renarin's growing distress, she is otherwise distressed herself by what's happening around her.[6] By the time Shallan uses the Oathgate to transport everyone to Urithiru, she's utterly overwhelmed.[7]

In Urithiru, Inadara is put in charge of one of the teams investigating the city's numerous rooms and passageways. Her report, which she presents at one of the regular meetings, includes findings on the tower's defensive constructions, air filtration, and wells, and observations about clusters of oddly shaped rooms and murals with depictions of alien creatures.[3]


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