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Profession Scholar
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

You should not dismiss one of my theories so quickly.

— Inadara to Shallan[1]

Inadara is a scholar and scribe on Roshar who serves House Kholin during the Alethi War of Reckoning and the beginning of the True Desolation.[2][3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Inadara is an elderly lighteyed woman; Shallan describes her as wizened, reminiscent of her father's ardents.[3] She has short gray hair and is exceptionally thin.[2]

She is rather severe and very set in her ways, and usually seems displeased by default. She can be overbearing and is accustomed to being in charge; even when she is not leading a project she pushes her own ideas.[1] Although she can be terse, she is generally very professional and well-versed in the customs of the Alethi nobility.[2]

She approaches things she does not understand, such as sapient spren and Knights Radiant, with a combination of suspicion and curiosity.[1][4] During the advent of the True Desolation, she realizes that the world she knew has fundamentally changed; this causes her to question herself more often.[5] She is usually unflappable, but some of the extraordinary events that occur overwhelm her.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Adolin considers Inadara to be one of the most intelligent, loyal, and trustworthy scribes that serve House Kholin. She is able to write in the women's script and is experienced in the use of spanreeds.[2] She displays significant knowledge on a variety of subjects, including military strategy, cartography, and architecture.[1][3] She is decisive and able to effectively lead teams of scholars or scouts.[1]

Her precise dahn is unknown, but she is presumably one of House Kholin's highest ranking scholars other than Navani; she is carried on a palanquin during a meeting with the singers.[2]


Little is known about Inadara's life before the War of Reckoning. She appeared to have made a name for herself during her youth; by the time of the Battle of Narak, she was a well-known and well-respected scholar.[1]

Inadara accompanied Adolin when he posed as Dalinar and parleyed with Eshonai seeking a truce to end the War of Reckoning. She used a spanreed to relay the entire conversation to Navani and Dalinar so that they could provide their opinions on what Adolin should say next. Inadara received the responses and whispered their advice to Adolin.[2]

Battle of Narak[edit]

During the Battle of Narak, she was assigned to work with Shallan on finding and discovering the Oathgate, and took it upon herself to command Lyn and the other scouts assisting them. She also wanted to study Pattern, although she was influenced by Vorin mythology and suggested that he could be a Voidbringer. Pattern took offense and insulted her in return; she was taken aback, and left to join the other scholars (including Velat and Isasik Shulin) to discuss the map of the Plains. She eventually decided to send her entire group onto the large Narak plateau, hoping to find more information there while protecting any children or elderly, per Dalinar's orders.[1] When Shallan diverted the team to what she believed to be the Oathgate platform instead, Inadara was initially dismissive, incorrectly assuming that a location of such strategic importance wouldn't be so visible.[6]

How... how are you doing this, Brightness?

—Inadara, observing Shallan's Surgebinding[4]

Inadara was one of the first people to enter the Oathgate control chamber after Shallan and Renarin found and opened it. Inadara and her team of scholars were amazed by the chamber and immediately started studying the large mural in the floor that depicted Urithiru and the Knights Radiant. Inadara seemed shocked, observing the chamber in awe and admitting that she no longer knew what was correct and what was wrong.[5] She could not make sense of the inscriptions in the chamber, although she identified the language as the Dawnchant.[7] Inadara was one of the first people to notice Renarin's growing distress as he had a vision in the chamber.[7] However, she was distressed herself by what was happening around her, including Shallan revealing herself to be a Surgebinder. By the time Shallan used the Oathgate to transport everyone to Urithiru, Inadara was utterly overwhelmed.[4]


In Urithiru, Inadara regrouped and resumed her scholarly duties in service of Navani and the coalition of monarchs. She led one of the teams investigating the tower's architecture and systems. Her report, which she presented at one of the regular meetings of coalition scholars, included findings on the tower's defensive constructions, air filtration, and wells, along with observations about clusters of oddly shaped rooms and murals with depictions of unusual creatures.[3]


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