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Fabrial type Augmenter
Gem Any Polestone
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured in The Stormlight Archive
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A Half-shard is a type of augmenter fabrial developed by Veden Artifabrians late during the War of Reckoning.[1]

They are the only known objects able to block a Shardblade apart from Shardplate, other Shardblades, metalminds and aluminium. Despite not granting any of the other benefits of Shardplate, such as enhanced strength and agility, they represent a significant breakthrough in fabrial science. Their bulky size and shape often leads to their users being hampered in ways Shardbearers are not.[2] While inspired by Shardplate, half-shards work according to a different design principle.[3] It is unknown how closely the secret of how to construct a half-shard is guarded.

Their design consists of a diamond-shaped metal plate with an infused gem attached to its back to increase its durability.[2]

Half-shards were used by King Hanavanar of Jah Keved in his failed attempt to kill Szeth.[2]


Half-shards are diamond-shaped kite shields, large enough to cover a person's entire side.[4] The back of the shield contains a steel box with a gemstone inside of it.[4]

It is currently unknown which spren is used in the creation of Half-shards, but Taravangian says in his conversation with Dalinar Kholin that the spren entrapped in the Half-shard could have graced a Knights Radiant. However, he may have been lying or trying to mislead Dalinar Kholin.[4]


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