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Feverstone Keep

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Feverstone Keep
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The enemy makes another push toward Feverstone Keep. I wish we knew what it was that had them so interested in that area. Could they be intent on capturing Rall Elorim?
— Drawer 19-2 of the Urithiru gem archive, third topaz[1]

Feverstone Keep is a fortress on ancient Roshar,[2] in use during the False Desolation and Recreance.[3]


Feverstone Keep is a single-walled fortress made of red stone in a rift on the leeward side of a rock formation. The keep's battlement is a sheer wall facing an open plane of stone. The inside of the wall has a set of switchback stairs going down to the rift floor. Along the bottom of the wall are platforms and slits for archers to fire at an approaching enemy.

The buildings inside the keep are built next to one another along the natural walls of the rift. The only decoration the buildings have are raincatchers on the roofs, as they are designed to be practical.[2] The archways in the wall are of late classical style architecture.[3]


Although the exact location of Feverstone Keep is unknown, it is somewhere near Rall Elorim, the capital of Iri.[1]


Feverstone Keep was a fallback position near one of the front lines during the False Desolation. The singers connected to Ba-Ado-Mishram were for some unknown reason interested in the area.[1] The Orders of Stonewards and Windrunners were on the front lines fighting.

The majority of them walked back to the keep. A scout sent out to meet them reported that they were friendly, but the men inside were confused as to why the Radiants were coming. While wearing their Shardplate, the Radiants charged forward in a line. When they stopped just within bowshot, more Windrunners dropped from the sky to join them. One man in a blue cape stepped forward, drove his Blade into the ground, removed his Plate, and turned to walk away. As he did so, the glow of the weapons began to fade. The other Knights followed his lead. There were soldiers waiting for the Radiants to return from the keep.

Men inside the keep came out and examined the discarded weapons. Initially, some officers yelled for the Blades to be left alone. They were quickly overwhelmed, however, as men rushed to claim a weapon. It did not take long for the scramble to deteriorate into a fight, with men using their newly obtained Blades to kill other soldiers.[2]


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