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Ethnicity Selay
Nationality Purelaker
World Roshar
Featured In The Way of Kings

Ishikk is a fisherman living on the Purelake.

He spends his time looking for exotic fish.[1] Ishikk claims some of the fish provide a special benefits when eaten. Ishikk Does not wish to be tied down by a wife and is constantly making sure he does not owe the owner so she wont have leverage to bully him into a marriage.

Ishikk spends most of his time on his own boating around the purelake Fishing of Magic fish. Ishikk like most Purelakers dislikes being totally out of the water, many Purelakers enjoy sitting with their feet in water while they eat.

Interactions with World hoppers[edit]

Ishikk was seen in the first set of interludes in The Way of Kings when he approached three men who employed he to look for a man. Ishikk describes them as Grump[2], Blunt[3], and Thinker[4]. They are using him as an agent to search for Hoid.[1] Hoid is later seen as Wit, Elhokar Kholin's court jester, or 'fool'.


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