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Related to Shardblades
Type Combat technique
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The lastclap is a combat maneuver used on Roshar to "catch" an opponent's Shardblade between the palms. It is used as a last resort by someone unarmored and unarmed when they have no other options. The lastclap can only be performed when the Shardbearer attacks with an overhead swing.


Dalinar Kholin[edit]

During an assassination attempt by Szeth in Elhokar's palace on the Shattered Plains, Dalinar became trapped with no weapons or armor. Szeth attempted to strike an overhead killing blow with his Honorblade, but Dalinar brought the palms of his hands together as the blade fell and caught it. This surprised Szeth and allowed Kaladin to tackle him.[1] Dalinar likely succeeded at catching the blade only because of his exceptional physical prowess.[2][3]


Old Dalinar pulled off a lastclap, eh? Good for him.

Kaladin later asked for Zahel's help in fighting a Shardbearer and mentioned that Dalinar was able to catch Szeth's blade. Zahel was familiar with the technique and used the term "lastclap"; he told Kaladin that it was a "stupid maneuver" that only worked when Shardbearers swung straight down with a relatively slow strike.[4] He also said that it usually failed, and then "you're dead."[4] Zahel urged Kaladin to focus on other strategies that worked more often, and Kaladin agreed.[4]


Although Kaladin did not train in the use of the lastclap, he was forced to use it at the end of the disadvantaged duel between Relis Ruthar and Adolin Kholin. Relis moved to attack Renarin but hesitated, instead swinging at Kaladin, who caught his Blade. This caused Kaladin and Relis to hear the deadeye spren of the Blade screaming in their minds; Relis fled the arena in terror, forfeiting the duel.[5]


  • The artwork at the top left of the Alethi Codes of War appears to depict someone performing a lastclap, although the aggressor is wielding a normal sword and not a Shardblade.[6]


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