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Relis Ruthar

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Relis Ruthar
Parents Ruthar, Jayla
Relatives Elit
Ancestors Sadees[1]
Abilities Shardbearer (formerly)
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Relis is a Shardbearer on the Shattered Plains. He is the eldest of Highprince Ruthar's sons and has a wide, notably flat face.[2][3]

He defeats Epinar to become the dueling champion and then avoids fighting in important duels for about half a year.[3]

Relis is protective of his cousin Elit Ruthar, so, after Adolin duels and defeats Elit, Relis confronts Adolin and tries to get the fight invalidated. Adolin responds by challenging Relis to a duel by suggesting that he could win back Elit's Plate. Relis initially resists, but finally agrees when Adolin offers to fight him and whomever else he brings at the same time. Highjudge Istow witnesses this agreement, with the six Kholin shards (including the Plate Adolin had just won from Elit) on the line.[2] Relis brings three others to the duel: Elit, Abrobadar and Jakamav. Relis views the duel as punishment for Adolin, but things turn against him when Renarin and Kaladin join Adolin. Near the end of the duel, Kaladin catches Relis's blade and the resulting screaming from the blade is enough to make Relis retreat from the arena and forfeit.[4][5]

After the fight, Relis's father is embarrassed and sends him back to Alethkar.[6]

Relis dropped the Blade as if bitten. He backed away, raising his hands to his head. "What is it? What is it! No, I didn't kill you!" He shrieked as if in great pain, then ran across the sands and pulled open the door to the preparation room, fleeing inside.

—Relis's reaction when Kaladin catches his Blade[5]


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