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Alethi Codes of War

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Alethi Codes of War
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by Greg Call
Related to Alethkar
World Roshar
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The Alethi Codes of War were a list of guidelines that Alethi men should follow in times of war. It was supposedly set from the time of the Silver Kingdoms, but their use has waned over the years and they weren't followed in centuries, before Gavilar Kholin reunited the Alethi. Gavilar was taken by the codes and reintroduced their use. After his assassination his brother Dalinar Kholin, and by proxy, his children started to strict adherence to the war codes, which caused a good deal of friction with the other highprinces. Dalinar Kholin intended to introduce the Codes to all the highprince warcamps.

The Codes[edit]

The officer will be prepared at all times for battle. Never drunken on wine, never without his weapon.
The officer will wear his uniform when in public, to look ready for war and to give strength to his troops.
The officer will refrain from needless duels, arguments or squabbles with other officers in camp, to prevent injury to men who may be needed to command.
The officer will require no action of his soldiers that he would not be willing to perform himself.
The officer will not abandon allies on the field, nor will he seek to profit from the loss of his allies.


Dalinar later mentally summed them up as these:

Never ask of your men a sacrifice you wouldn’t make yourself. Never make them fight in conditions you would refuse to fight in yourself. Never ask a man to perform an act you wouldn’t soil your own hands doing.
—Dalinar's interpretation of the codes[1]


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