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Nation Emul
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Laqqi is a village in central Emul on Roshar. It lies in a rural area near the country's northern border with Azir.[1]


Laqqi and the surrounding lands were contested as part of the war in Emul during the True Desolation. Odium's forces took control of most of Emul early in the war,[2] but by early 1175, Azish forces fighting for the coalition of monarchs recaptured the northern half of the country.[1][3]

After deciding to launch an offensive into Emul, Dalinar set up a warcamp in Laqqi due to its strategic location about a three day march away from the battlefront.[4] A large number of coalition troops, Knights Radiant, and leaders temporarily relocated to the city.[4] New tents and buildings were erected, and the village was fortified against storms and singer attacks.[5] In keeping with cultural norms, the Alethi leaders stayed in austere stone lodging, while the Azish built the Prime Aqasix luxurious quarters.[6] Laqqi served as an effective base, and the offensive into Emul was ultimately successful.[7]

The warcamp in Laqqi was the site of Odium and Dalinar's agreement to hold a contest of champions.[8]


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