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Profession Highjudge
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Brightlady Istow is the highjudge officiating duels between lighteyes on the Shattered Plains.[1] She and several other women recorded scores, kept the dueling rankings and held books of dueling code used in determining the winner of the bout. As highjudge her rule is law within the dueling arena and her authority is granted by the King himself. She has the power to end duels at her own discretion.[2]


Istow presided over many of Adolin Kholin's duels, including those against Resi,[1] Salinor[3] and Elit.[4]

Istow also presided over the full disadvantage duel between Adolin and the team of Elit, Relis, Abrobadar and Jakamav. Before the duel, according to Torol Sadeas, she asked Adolin if he knew the exact terms of the duel and if he understood what he was doing.[2] During the duel Adolin tried to signal to Istow twice to end the duel but she either did not see him or feigned not seeing him. It becomes obvious as the duel begins to get out of hand that Istow had accepted a bribe from Sadeas' camp and would allow the duel continue even should Adolin signal surrender.[2] She is reluctant to announce Elit's surrender and disturbed to call Relis's forfeit when he runs from the arena. She awards the victory to Adolin once Jakamav surrenders.[5]


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