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Died ~1163[citation needed], killed by Torol Sadeas
Titles Highprince of Alethkar
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

I will have no boon other than Yenev's cowardly heart on the end of my sword, Your Majesty!

—Highprince Torol Sadeas to Gavilar Kholin according to Ialai's account[1]

Highprince Yenev is a former highprince of Alethkar prior to the Kholin unification of the nation.[2] He resisted King Gavilar Kholin's conquest and was killed in a duel by Highprince Torol Sadeas.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nothing is known of Yenev's appearance, and little is known of his personality. He is a powerful and stubborn man, unwilling to accept Gavilar's rule,[2] even after the man had been crowned king.[1] It seems though that he does not have enough political acumen to avoid the trap he was led into by Sadeas.[1]


Unification of Alethkar[edit]

Around the year 1155, Yenev was one of the most powerful of the highprinces in the decentralized kingdom of Alethkar.[1] When Highprince Gavilar Kholin and Dalinar Kholin attempted to unify the nation of Alethkar, Yenev refused to accept the reformation of the nation.[2] Even after Gavilar had been crowned king, Yenev still challenged his authority and refused to accept his place in the newly founded kingdom.[1]

Downfall and Death[edit]

Highprince Sadeas hatched a plan that he presented to Gavilar.[1] During a tournament, he would win a duel with another man so spectacularly that Gavilar could grant him the King's Boon, a gift from the king to those who please him. Sadeas could then use his boon to invoke the Right of Challenge, and challenge Yenev to a duel to the death. King Gavilar agreed with the plan, and ordered Sadeas to carry it out.[2]

Sadeas's scheme went exactly according to plan.[1] His first duel with an unimportant opponent worked perfectly; he defeated his opponent in an incredible duel whose stakes Sadeas raised throughout the fight, wagering spheres and lands upon the outcome. Gavilar granted Sadeas the King's boon, and Yenev was forced to enter the dueling arena to fight Sadeas. Yenev fought Sadeas, but he was defeated and killed in the duel.


Yenev's death opened up an incredible political opportunity for King Gavilar, allowing one of his allies, Aladar to take control of the princedom.[1]

Even though Yenev was killed, the memory of his dramatic death remains fresh, particularly in the minds of the other highprinces.[2] Mentions of Yenev and his downfall terrify them, and even the most recalcitrant highprinces, such as Aladar, react with shock and outrage when he is brought up and become more amenable to the commands of the king. Yenev's defeat was recorded in a variety of important histories, such as one by Brightness Ialai Sadeas and in Jasnah Kholin's biography of her father.[1]

In the year 1173, when Dalinar was looking for a way to defeat and discredit his political opponent, Sadeas, Brightlady Shallan Davar suggested a plan based on the duel Sadeas himself fought with Yenev.[3] She planned to have Adolin Kholin duel Relis Ruthar and one other Shardbearer, defeat them brilliantly and be granted an opportunity to fight Sadeas via the King's Boon.[1] This plan would have worked, had Kaladin not requested to opportunity to fight Highlord Meridas Amaram,[4] sending the proceedings into disarray and allowing Sadeas wriggle out of their trap and set the date of the fight to be a year away.[5]


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