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Right of Challenge

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The Right of Challenge is a tradition said to have been instituted by the Heralds offered to a lighteyed warrior who has proven themselves before the Almighty and the king. It gives them the chance to demand justice from one who wronged them through combat. Many lighteyes know of the tradition but it is ignored in modern circumstances.[1] The Right of Challenge, used in conjunction with the King's Boon has been used twice in Alethkar's recent history: once by Prince Adolin Kholin against Highprince Torol Sadeas [2] and once by Sadeas against Highprince Yenev eighteen years earlier. [1] It was also used by Kaladin against Meridas Amaram, despite being a darkeyes, though his attempt landed him in prison. [2][3]


Unification of Alethkar[edit]

I will have no boon other than Yenev’s cowardly heart on the end of my sword, Your Majesty!
—Sadeas [1]

Highprince Yenev was one of the main forces in opposition against Gavilar Kholin and the unification of Alethkar. To remove him Sadeas spoke with Gavilar regarding the Right of Challenge and the King’s Boon. Since they were traditions that shared a relationship to the historical crown, invoking them echoed the right of rule Gavilar and his camp were trying to establish. Using a tournament as part of their plan Sadeas duelled another Shardbearer. During the duel he paused the fighting at several points and raised the stakes, offering money and then lands. In the end, the victory was dramatic and King Gavilar stood and offered Sadeas the boon. Sadeas duelled Yenev and killed him, the lands going to their ally Aladar. [1]

The War of Reckoning[edit]

I demand the Right of Challenge. I demand the chance to duel Highprince Sadeas, right here and now, as redress for the crimes he committed against my house!
—Adolin [2]

Adolin Kholin tried to used Sadeas's tactic against him, with the help of his causal betrothed Shallan Davar. [1] He challenged Relis Ruthar to a paired disadvantaged duel, accidentally leaving himself open to a full disadvantaged duel[4], wagering all the shards his house held against Relis's. He managed to win the duel with the help of Kaladin, Renarin Kholin and, unknowingly, Shallan and Pattern. Elhokar Kholin offered him the King's Boon for the feat and he challenged Sadeas to a duel. However Kaladin gave Sadeas time to flee, sending back a response later that he would duel Adolin in one year's time,[3] when he interrupted to challenge Amaram. [2] Kaladin was placed in prison for slander at the behest of Dalinar Kholin rather than executed as the law and the king demanded. [3]


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