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Elit Ruthar

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Elit Ruthar
Relatives Ruthar (uncle), Jayla (aunt), Relis (cousin)
Abilities Shardbearer (formerly)
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

My cousin is planning to kill you for challenging me, right after he kills me for agreeing to the challenge. But when I stomp you into the sands and claim all of your family's Shards, I’ll be the rich one and he’ll be forgotten. Am I ready for our duel? I long for it, Adolin Kholin.


Elit Ruthar is an Alethi lighteyes on the Shattered Plains, and the cousin of Relis Ruthar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Elit is shorter than most Alethi men, and balding. He's ambitious, and eager to gain a Shardblade, to the point where he's willing to be reckless about it. He has a close relation with his cousin, Relis, as the latter has gifted him with a set of Shardplate.[3] However, this is only surface-level. Elit deeply resents Relis for overshadowing him in the duelling arena. He's very confident in his own skills, and is eager to prove them.[1] When humiliated, he can be extremely spiteful and vengeful.[4] Adolin considers him to be more than a little creepy.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Elit is a Shardbearer, though he only has Plate. Though he is a passable duelist, he is overshadowed by Relis.[3] He fights with either a borrowed Shardblade or a Shardhammer.[2][4]


As with many other lighteyes, Elit came to the Shattered Plains to participate in the War of Reckoning. Throughout his time there, he was duelling, though he never rose high in ranks, as he was always overshadowed by his cousin, Relis. At some point, Relis gave him a set of Shardplate.[3]

He's present when Adolin attempts to goad Relis into a duel, and is highly interested in Adolin's offer. Adolin notices this and, after Relis declines, makes the same offer to Elit. Despite Relis' attempts to break off the arrangement, Elit agrees, giving himself a week to train.[3][1] During the actual fight, he acts under the assumption that Adolin will act the same as he did during the duel against Eranniv. Adolin uses to get Elit to run out his Plate's stormlight and thus lose the match.[2]

Afterwards, Elit participates in the disadvantaged duel against Adolin along with Relis, Jakamav and Abrobadar.[4] He is eventually incapacitated by Kaladin when the latter joins the fight, and yields, withdrawing from the field.[5]


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