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Jakamav hammer.jpg
Type Weapon
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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A shardhammer, also known as a warhammer is an enormous battle hammer that can only be wielded by someone in Shardplate. Contrary to what it's name might suggest, it is not an ancient magical weapon like Shardplate or a Shardblade, but rather, a more modern creation. Dalinar's warhammer is described as having a haft as "thick as a man's wrist" with the front of the head being larger than a man's fist. It could barely be lifted by two men and was carried on a cart.[1] A Shardbearer's hammer is a common weapon for someone who owns a set of plate, but no Shardblade.[2]

Notable Mentions[edit]

Dalinar used his warhammer to dig a latrine ditch as he contemplated stepping down as Highprince. [1]

Sadeas recalls an incident one year after the assassination of Gavilar in which he slaughtered a large number of Parshendi with only his hammer.[3]

When Adolin posed as Dalinar to meet with Eshonai on the Shattered Plains, Teleb wore a Shardhammer strapped to his back.[4]

On a plateau run where Adolin assists other highprinces in a failed attempt to collect a gemheart, Jakamav carries a shardhammer as a member of his team.[5]

During Adolin's duel-gone-bad, Elit wears the King's borrowed Shardplate and fights with a Shardbearer's hammer.[6]

Before either had Shardblades, Dalinar and Sadeas both use warhammers as their primary weapon. Specifically during the battle of The Rift.[7]

During the Battle of Thaylen Field Hrdalm uses a warhammer while battling a Thunderclast with Adolin.[8]


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