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Titles Stormwarden
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Matain is an Alethi stormwarden on Roshar who serves under King Gavilar Kholin.[1]


He was among the scholars that accompanied Gavilar on his early expeditions to the Shattered Plains in 1166. He was trusted by Gavilar, and acted as an advisor.[1]

He dictated an account of one of the first encounters with the Parshendi. He had been skeptical about initial sightings of "wild" parshmen by Dalinar's scouting group, and was stunned when several individuals appeared at Gavilar's camp. He provided a physical description of the Parshendi, including their weapons and clothing. Gavilar tasked him with investigating their language, society, and music. Matain still thought they might be a hoax, but was forced to acknowledge their authenticity after learning more about their culture. Matain's account of Gavilar's sudden scholarly interest in the Parshendi was not an embellishment, according to Jasnah Kholin.[1]

He continued to serve House Kholin as a stormwarden after Gavilar's death; he was present at the experiment of the floating platforms that Navani Kholin conducted in the Kholin warcamp prior to the Battle of Narak.[2]


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