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Tag by Graeme Brandham.jpg
Profession Mercenary
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Way of Kings

She is trouble. I still think we should just leave her and go.

—Tag talking about Shallan[1]

Tag is a mercenary from Roshar. He works in Tvlakv's slaving crew along with Bluth.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Little is known about Tag's appearance. He's most likely darkeyed (as he serves under darkeyed Tvlakv), and he has thick fingers.[1][3]

Tag is a calm man with a clear lifetime of experience, and can keep a cool head even in most irritating or dangerous circumstances.[2][3] He's cautious, preferring to avoid conflict when it's unnecessary, and is suspicious of any strangers.[4][1] He does, however, obey his superiors without question—even verbally or physically abusing slaves to assert his authority[4]—though he isn't afraid of voicing his opinions and concerns.[2][5] In return, Tvlakv values what he has to say.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Tag is an experienced mercenary. He uses a spear, and can fight with it well enough to defend himself and others from bandits; he likely carries a cudgel as well.[4][6] He knows how to drive a chull wagon and how to command parshmen.[7][1] He's good at assessing people, and can tell at a glance who's going to be troublesome.[2][1]


It's unclear where Tag was from, but he was not familiar with the Unclaimed Hills during his time as a mercenary. He went there in 1173 along with Bluth and Tvlakv as part of a caravan that was carrying slaves—including Kaladin—to the Shattered Plains.[2] Although Tag would sometimes abuse Tvlakv's slaves, he was wary of Kaladin; following an altercation over a destroyed map, Tag kept his distance.[2][8]

Some time later, Tvlakv's caravan met up with Shallan Davar, who had washed ashore after the sinking of the Wind's Pleasure. Tvlakv allowed her to travel with them to the warcamps. During that time, Tag drove one of the wagons -- either a slave wagon or the one with the parshmen, depending on the day.[7][3] At one point, Tvlakv took Tag aside to disuss Shallan. Tag was suspicious of her, and advised his boss to divest himself of her as quickly as possible. While Tvlakv did not heed his advice, Tag didn't hold this against him.[1]

When Tvlakv's group found themselves between another caravan and a gang of bandits, Tag initially advised moving aside and letting the latter go after the former, but didn't protest when Shallan rejected the plan.[3] When the bandits attacked, he and Tvlakv went to protect the other caravan.[6] Tag survived the fight,[5] and presumably remained with Tvlakv after they parted ways with Shallan and headed south.


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