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Type Animal
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The chull is a species of crustacean useful for labor intensive jobs. There are differing breeds of chulls and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are found all across Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

A depiction of the five stages of life for a chull: Larva (chull cremling), first Pupation, Adult, second Pupation, and Senescence.

Chulls are massive crustaceans with thick legs with large claws and a stone-like shell. Their carapaces are typically red.[2] Chulls have whiplike antennae and beady fist-size black eyes.[3]

Chull shells are a light, porous stone created from minerals the chull consumes in its food and water and then excretes.[4] Since the shell is not alive, chulls are not hurt when their shells are cracked or shaped. In the wild, there are often plants growing in the crevices of a chull's shell.[1] Chulls pull their legs and head into their shell when they sleep, and as a result sleeping chulls look like large boulders or small hills.[5]

The Reshi, and likely others, paint their chulls' shells. One can identify what island a Reshi chull handler is from by the colors and patterns on their chulls' shells.[3]


Chulls are generally docile creatures. They have claws that are said to be strong enough to break a man's arm, but it is very unusual for them to behave aggressively. [2] They tend to move with a slow, lumbering gait and are generally slower than humans.

They are capable of making a wide range of noises, including a gravelly bleating, trumpeting, and snorting.[6][7][8]

Chulls are omnivorous creatures. They eat everything from rockbuds to slugs to smaller crustaceans.[2] Domestic chulls are often fed grain.[9]


There are several different methods of training chull.

  • In the rural areas of Jah Keved, chulls are harnessed and controlled with complex leather bridles.[1]
  • In the coastal region around Kharbranth, chull drivers often sit directly on the chull's shell and direct them by tapping on their antennae with long poles.
  • Some chulls are trained to respond to different rhythms tapped out on their shells with a guiding reed. These reeds are often as long as a person is tall and allow the driver to drive from the wagon or cart rather than riding on the chull itself. [10]


Chull are highly valued as work animals and are considered to be worth more than the average slave.[11] Some people maintain chull herds and rent their labor out on a contract basis.[12]They are slow but strong and are used to pull everything up to and including the large complex bridges Dalinar uses for chasm crossings.[12] Since their shells can be carved without harming the animal, some people sand flat places on top of a chull to ride and many carts are hooked to fittings drilled directly into their shells. Shelves and racks can also be carved into or attached directly to chull shells. [13]

Since it is lightweight and durable, chull shell is used as a crafting material. Shallan had a havah with chull-shell buttons.[14]

Chull meat is edible. It can be dried and stored as jerky.[15] In some cultures, including Herdazian and Unkalaki, chull head is considered a delicacy. [16]

Dalinar Kholin uses them to pull his bridges, rather than put the lives of bridgemen at risk.[12]

Cultural References[edit]

There is a tavern in Dalinar's warcamp called the "Ornery Chull."[17]


You think I'm scared of a lumbering chull like you?

Teft's nervous retort.[5]

Jasnah is inordinately fond of dust, I believe she thrives on it, feeding off the particles like a chull crunching rockbuds.

Shallan Davar talking with Kabsal[18]

An army was like a massive chull at times, lumbering along, slow to react

Dalinar regarding his army.[19]

Everyone has a place. You're out of yours. Like a chull in a dining hall

Kaladin's impression of the lighteyes regard for him and his guards.[20]


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