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Hello! You can find me here, on tumblr and on 17S as KalynaAnne. I'm currently working on a reread of The Rithmatist where I am taking notes so that I can start tackling the relevant pages here. I'm also working on a Stormlight Archive alphabet book series of fanart that has me researching Rosharan flora and fauna, so I'm going to try to update those pages as I get to them as well. No promises on a timeline for all of this, but hopefully not too long :-)

Formatting notes[edit]

* {{book ref|wok|12}} gives a reference to chapter 12 of WoK
* {{book ref|wok|i|2}} gives a reference to  interlude 2 of WoK
* {{url ref|url=|text= Inkthinker's comments on the Rockbud page from Shallan's Sketchbook |site=Deviant Art}} 
* {{quote| QUOTE TEXT HERE| attribution}} to format a quote
* [[PageTitle|text]] for linking to a page whose title doesn't fit smoothly in the prose of the page
* == Main Heading ==
* === Sub-Heading ===


* [[File:PisForPrickletac.png|center|400px]] gives a centered, reasonably sized image
* art template:
    |artist= [[User:KalynaAnne]]
    |source=[ tumblr]
    |type={{cat tag|Flora and Fauna}}
* See for putting an image next to the ToC box

For Oathbringer Character pages[edit]

|books=[[The Stormlight Archive]]
PAGE TEXT GOES HERE {{book ref|sa3|XX}}

== Notes ==
<references />

Other Reference[edit]

Fanart Collection[edit]

Pages I've Adopted[edit]