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Horneater Oceans

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Horneater Oceans
Region Horneater Peaks
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Is water of life. It is connection to gods. If Unkalaki swim in it, sometimes they see place of gods.
— Rock on the Horneater oceans[1]

The Horneater Oceans are a series of lakes, or thermal hot springs, on the Horneater Peaks. Sigzil also calls them "The Emerald Pools."

Rock says that swimming in the oceans is death to any non-Unkalaki and not because they execute violators. He says that the top of the oceans are water, but that "Beneath, is not. Is something else. Water of life. The place of the gods." He claims they can visit and commune with the gods, and that he has seen Lunu’anaki, the god of travel.

Rock insists that they were given to his people from the Gods of the waters for bringing the three gods together to help the Unkalaki.[1]


Rock claims to have met Lunu’anaki at the Horneater oceans. He describes him as Alethi, with white hair, and an angular face. Further he states that lunu'anaki cannot hurt humans. This is a description very similar to Hoid.[1]


The presence of Hoid, described as the god of travel, and the mysterious substance under the water, make it possible the Horneater oceans are a Perpendicularity.[2]

Apparently, Worldhoppers are treated like gods by the Horneaters.[3]


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