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Locator Triax.png
Occupied by Voidbringers
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Triax is a small nation in southern Roshar.[1]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

The country lies in the southern part of central Roshar, between an unnamed mountain range and the Tarat Sea. It borders Tu Fallia to the west and Jah Keved to the east. A single river splits the country in two. There are no settlements of global importance there.[1] However, its position at the edge of western and eastern Roshar lends it great strategic importance. For anybody seeking to cross the country to invade its neighbors, the northern mountains and the southern coast form a bottleneck that makes moving troops through it highly difficult.[2]

The Stormfather shows Dalinar Kholin the area around Triax and Tu Fallia in a vision. Dalinar has little experience with Triax, and describes lush valleys with flora and fauna that look alien to him.[3]

It has an area around 336,000 km2[4]. In comparison to real-world nations, it is a little smaller than the total area of Finland.


During the Silver Kingdoms era, the region was split in half between Makabakam and Valhav.[5] At some point during the Era of Solitude, the area that would later become Triax was invaded by the Veden king NanHar, although he died during the war and was succeeded by his brother, NanKhet. As NanKhet died only three months later, giving way to a new dynasty, it's likely the Veden conquest never succeeded.[6]

Vstim has purchased wormy grain in Triax at a large discount knowing that he could sell it for a profit in other lands.[7]

During the True Desolation, the Voidbringers struck at the strip of land bordering the Tarat Sea, including Marat and Triax. Contact with the country, including its spanreeds, was lost mere weeks after the arrival of the Everstorm, implying that it was one of the first states that fell to the enemy.[8] Following the Battle of Thaylen Field, Triax remained under control of Odium's forces.[9] Dalinar and his coalition desired to recapture the area in order to reinforce their naval superiority in the south of the continent.[10]


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