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Siblings NanHar
Died [1]
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

NanKhet was an ancient Veden king in Jah Keved.[1] He only held the throne for three months.


No accounts from the time of his reign survive, but there is a text detailing his life that was written two hundred years later by Natata Ved, also known as Oileyes.[1]

He inherited the throne from his brother NanHar and then survived six assassination attempts during his three month rule. The first assassination attempt was a poisoning from his sister, who wanted to put her husband on the throne; after surviving, he had them both executed. The second attempt was by their son, who tried to kill his uncle in his bed, but NanKhet was able to defend himself and kill his nephew with his own sword. The third was from a cousin, and left him blind in one eye. The fourth was by another brother, the fifth an uncle, and the sixth his own son.

According to Oileyes's account, NanKhet was so frustrated by this that he gathered the rest of his household together at a feast where he had them all killed, then cooked a feast on a funeral pyre made from their bodies. NanKhet then choked to death at the feast, with no one to help him.[1]

The Siln dynasty was founded after his death.[1]

His life and death interest Jasnah Kholin, who notes that familial infighting was common throughout the history of the Vorin kingdoms.[1]


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