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Chapter 6: Four Lifetimes
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 5: Hearthstone
Precedes Chapter 7: A Watcher at the Rim
Viewpoint Kaladin
Word Count 2,404


I thought that I was surely dead. Certainly, some who saw further than I did thought I had fallen.
—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]

Kaladin enters and recognizes people from the town, but they don't recognize him, probably due to his ragged appearance. He starts to look for his parents, but the guard tries to order him to see Roshone. Kaladin shoves him away and gives him his best sergeant's glare, then continues. He hears the moans of wounded and follows the sound, hoping that his parents would be attending them. Lirin is indeed there working on someone, and it takes a moment for him to recognize his son. He calls Hesina in, but before Kaladin can truly reunite, he confesses that he didn't save Tien. They were told that Kaladin was dead too. They have a tearful reunion, his parents with joy, Kaladin for his grief over Tien.

Kaladin sips some soup while Syl stares at Hesina, perplexed about something. The guard insists that Kaladin be taken into custody because he is branded a deserter, but Lirin threatens to quit as the town's surgeon. Hesina explains to Kaladin that Roshone has softened, presumably from guilt. Syl tells Kaladin that she knew his family, even before she met him, because everyone is connected. She mentions another voice, "Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding." Roshone appears, older and more feeble, but still with an imperious bearing. Kaladin punches him in the face, saying "that was for my friend Moash."


Mentioned only


Jesanan 1174, after the Everstorm hits Alethkar

Roshone's manor in Hearthstone.

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