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Chapter 7: A Watcher at the Rim
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 6: Four Lifetimes
Precedes Chapter 8: A Powerful Lie
Viewpoint Kaladin
Word Count 4,624


I did not die.

I experienced something worse.

—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]

Roshone orders the guards to attack Kaladin, but they note his obvious ability and hesitate. Kaladin regrets his juvenile action and apologizes, telling the guards to stand down. He then orders them into the library for a meeting, but Roshone asks why he should take orders from him. Kaladin summons his Shardblade, allowing his eyes to turn blue.

In the libaray, Kaladin finds out that the Parshmen transformed and then just left town. Kaladin wants to figure out where they went, so he asks for maps and a spanreed to communicate with Dalinar, giving Roshone several spheres for the "rental" of some horses since he's out of Stormlight. The soldiers go to the lady of the house (Laral) to ask for the maps. Kaladin warns Syl that he might need her again as a weapon, and she reassures him that it doesn't bother her. All of his weapons were "people" anyway. Kaladin brandishes his sword again for Roshone to emphasize that he's in charge. Despite Roshone's faults, he needs to help the people of Hearthstone. Roshone just slumps in his chair, but Laral arrives and pledges to lead the people. She looks quite different, more mature and practical. He says he wanted to come back to save her, but she says that she is happy with Roshone and resents Kaladin's judgment of him. She goes to set up the spanreed and wait for a reply, so Kaladin goes back to his parents. He starts helping his father tend the wounded. He is disappointed that Kaladin has become one of "them," a person who tries to solve problems with violence. He does acknowledge that the Voidbringers must be fought, but he wanted his son to be a surgeon, not a killer. Kaladin goes back to the library and notices that the spanreed is glowing with Stormlight; they collected some during the last unexpected highstorm. The spanreed starts writing words from Navani, much to the surprise of Laral. Dalinar asks for a status and Kaladin suggests he go looking for the Voidbringers because they just up and left without attacking. Dalinar agrees and tells him to take the spanreed with him to keep him up to date. He closes the conversation and goes to see his mother. She is holding a baby, Kaladin's new brother, Oroden, which means child of peace. Kaladin holds him and cries. Kaladin asks for any infused spheres and trades them two for one. He tells Lirin that he wants to take them away to safety, but he refuses; he is the town surgeon and is needed there. The others in the house overhear the conversation about the Desolation being here, so Kaladin puts on a display with Stormlight and promises that the Knights Radiant have returned and will not fail them. He flies off to a nearby town to get more infused spheres.


Mentioned only


Jesnanan 1174, after the Everstorm hits Alethkar

Roshone's manor in Hearthstone.

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