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September Objectives Comments[edit]

This article is a big and important one, so I wanted to put some thoughts down for what needs to happen. Here's our standard article structure for settlements. I'm going to take that, add some subsections, and make an outline of content that we probably need to include off the top of my head. This isn't exhaustive and the update doesn't have to follow this exactly; just trying to give some helpful guidance.

One thing I can't figure out is if we need some kind of... "Magic" section, that goes into the relationship with the Sibling, the fabrial-ness of the city, the strata/"veins", apparent weirdness in the Cognitive Realm, etc.



Location - Information about where the city actually is and how it can be reached. Mention that there are specific reasons for why it's there, but that we don't really know what that is ("place closest to Honor"?). Discuss the weirdness about how old maps show it in different locations and why, along with the fact that the location was lost over time. (Some of the info in the existing Location section may be unnecessary now.)
Climate - Local environment. Mountains. Cold. Plant/animal life? Above (most?) storms. Talk about how this apparently was different when the Sibling was active?
Structure or Layout - The basic design/layout of the tower. Lots of stuff from the existing Appearance section will go here. Probably also talk about which levels are currently occupied/in-use?


Subsections for specific places of interest. Things that come to mind, in no particular order... Oathgates (is there also a name for the field out front?), central elevator shaft (name?), barracks?, roof?, meeting room at the top (name?), Gallery of Maps (or is that the meeting room?), the Breakaway, gem library (mention basement levels in general?)


Maybe split into two sections? One for ancient history and one for recent times?
Ancient History - (needs better name? Pre-Recreance?) Any scraps we know about its construction and original use? Most of this will probably come from... Jasnah's notes, Words of Radiance (in-world) epigraphs, and gem library epigraphs. Important to mention how the Sibling's "decline" changed the city. Get into how the tower was abandoned and the location forgotten. Oh, and Re-Shephir taking up residence.
Last Desolation - How the city was rediscovered, how it's being explored/settled/used now. Re-Shephir leaving. Importance in the war effort, to the coalition. Attack/raid that happened at end of OB.


Government - Weird situation... For most of OB, it's essentially an Alethi colony ruled by Dalinar (technically in Elhokar's stead). Several highprinces have received a specific role (Highprince of... War, Information, Commerce, Works...) that they are responsible for. Might be some good stuff in the chapter where Navani meets with some leaders while Dalinar is drunk in OB Part 4. And we have the plans for Dalinar to become highking with Elhokar beneath him. At the end of Oathbringer it seems that Dalinar is planning to distance himself from Alethkar; focus more on being leader of the Radiants. It's unclear what this means for the governance of Urithiru, and probably not worth getting into this too much yet?
Military - Most of Alethkar's armies are here now.
The Coalition - Better title? Basically we need to talk about international politics. The way that it is sort of used as a meeting place for the Rosharan UN. Talk about Urithiru's role in facilitating the coalition.


General discussion of the culture in the tower. Morale due to what happened at Plains and Everstorm arrival? Tension between Princedoms. Residents are primarily Alethi/Vorin. Might be worth discussing the strain introduced to the caste system with no parshman slaves.
Economy - I think economics will need to be addressed as a subsection. There are some things worth mentioning that Sebarial instituted as Highprince of Commerce. Also need some general discussion about how the city can't support itself and relies on trade, but the Oathgates make it a very valuable trading hub

Notable Citizens - Probably don't need this section at this point. Seems hard to identify who is a "citizen" at this point, other than perhaps Dalinar/Navani.

Trivia - Anything to add here? Might be some WoB stuff to include. Oh, definitely mention that Urithiru is NOT A SPACESHIP!

Notes - As always.