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Jez's Duty

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Jez's Duty
Services Food and Drink
Era True Desolation
City Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Jez's Duty is a winehouse in Urithiru on Roshar. It is located in the Ten Rings section of the Breakaway marketplace.[1]

The interior of Jez's Duty is decorated as a stormshelter, with fabrial clocks on the wall showing when a highstorm is happening in Alethkar. The winehouse holds a daily vigil for Alethkar and occasionally hosts an ardent, who comes to burn glyphwards. Adolin Kholin frequents Jez's Duty and has a reserved booth at the back; this is a point of pride for the establishment, especially since the atmosphere tends to be more raucous and closer to that of a tavern than to a typical winehouse. When Shallan visits, she tends to carve the table with different bits of art.[1] The winehouse is typically patronized by darkeyes and, especially, soldiers.[1][2] Some of the employees at the winehouse include Marni, Jor, Mel, and Hem.[1]


Adolin began to frequent Jez's Duty around eight months before the evacuation of Hearthstone. He made Kaladin go with him from time to time, including the day when Jor and Kryst held their wedding party there.[1] After the coalition's army left for the offensive in Emul, the activity level noticeably dropped in the winehouse. Kaladin and Teft chose it as the place to meet Rlain when they were searching for Dabbid.[2] During that meeting, Raboniel managed to turn the tower's defense mechanisms back on the Knights Radiant, causing Teft to fall unconscious.[3]

After the occupation of the tower was overthrown, Jez's Duty was the location of a party in honor of Teft after his funeral. Aside from the party, Kaladin arranged a meeting with Noril, Dabbid, and the other members of his talk therapy group that day at the winehouse, in order to decompress from the stressful events of Urithiru's occupation.[4]


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