The Vavibrar

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The Vavibrar
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Though many wished Urithiru to be built in Alethela, it was obvious that it could not be. And so it was that we asked for it to be placed westward, in the place nearest to Honor.

— Perhaps the oldest surviving original source mentioning the city, requoted in The Vavibrar, line 1804. What I wouldn't give for a way to translate the Dawnchant.[1]

The Vavibrar is a work of literature on Roshar.[1]

Jasnah Kholin includes a selection from The Vavibrar (requoted from an older work) in her notebook while researching Urithiru.[1] The quote mentions that some of the founders of Urithiru originally expressed a desire to place it in the Silver Kingdom of Alethela, but this was deemed impractical for unknown reasons.[1] The city was instead placed "near Honor", in the mountains of the Kingdom of Makabakam.[2][3]

Jasnah also notes her desire to be able to translate the dead language known as Dawnchant, which would later be cracked by Navani Kholin through Dalinar's visions.[4]


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