Mountains of Ur

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Mountains of Ur
Urithiru by Elisgardor.jpg
Type Mountains
Region Central Roshar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

An ancient place, with ancient stones.

The mountains of Ur are a mountain range in central Roshar.[2] Urithiru is located there.[1]


The mountains of Ur lie in the center of the Rosharan supercontinent. They run east to west; in the west, they split into two parts turning north and south, forming a sideways Y shape. They border a number of central Rosharan nations, including Yulay and Tu Bayla in the north, Jah Keved's Bavland in the east, Triax, Tu Fallia, Greater Hexi, and Marat to the south, and Emul and Azir in the east.[3]

The mountains are cold, barren, and incredibly high, reaching a height of at least fifteen thousand feet,[4] where only the tallest highstorms reach anywhere close to their peaks.[5] A deep layer of pristine white snow is a permanent fixture of the environment, and life is sparse outside a few livable areas.[6] Up there, the air is frigid, full of coldspren clinging to any surface.[7] The air pressure is so low as to pose difficulties for people who wish to live there.[8] Far lower, however, the mountains are also home to the verdant Valley of the Nightwatcher, full of all manner of plant and animal life.[9]

Ur itself is a mountain that no longer exists. Originally, it stood in the very center of the mountains, where the range splits into the northward and southward branch.[3] At some point in the distant past, it was reshaped into the tower city of Urithiru, which stands there to this day.[1] The mountains itself do not seem to have a name of their own, and take their name after Ur.[2]


The region is sparsely inhabited, with most cities in the lower foothills; the largest settlements there are the mining city of Zawfix in Azir and Silnasen, in Jah Keved borderlands.[3] No country claims ownership over the mountains themselves, perhaps due to the difficulties of settling there.[3] Nonetheless, there are still people who live there, most of them in small, isolated villages.[10]

The largest settlement in the mountains proper is Urithiru, the grand tower of the Knights Radiant. Transformed from mount Ur, Urithiru houses thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, both before its abandonment by the original Radiants and after its rediscovery by the Alethi.[11][6] The city is a massive collection of fabrials designed to assist people in surviving in such extreme climates, including heating and air pressure manipulators.[8]

At least two unique spren make their home in the mountains of Ur. In the tower city itself lives the Sibling, Urithiru's own spren, responsible for maintaining the city's infrastructure.[8] Far lower, in the Valley, the Nightwatcher holds her court. It's also where Cultivation will occasionally manifest.[9] The Unmade Re-Shephir also lived there for hundreds of years; it's unknown if she remained in the mountains following Shallan banishing her from Urithiru.[12]


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