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Shallan's Sketchbook - Peakspren.jpg
Type Spren
Abilities Nahel bond, Stoneward magic, Splinters
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Peakspren are a subset of spren that exist on Roshar. They are capable of forming a Nahel bond, granting people the abilities of the Order of Stonewards.[1]


You're a mountain on this side, Ua’pam!


Physical Realm[edit]

In the Physical Realm, peakspren take forms that appear to be made of stone. They can hide inside real rocks if they wish; when they want to reappear, they emerge as if breaking their form out of the rock.[2]

Cognitive Realm[edit]

In the Cognitive Realm, peakspren inhabit humanoid bodies formed of stone. The population of peakspren is quite varied as to the type of stone, which seems to include every variety found on Roshar.[2] When they touch or rub parts of their body together, it sounds like stone grating together; they also move heavily, and their voices sound rather like grinding rock.[1][3] The skin of peakspren is etched with cracks that emanate molten light and sometimes seem to form shapes akin to a glyph or symbol. Despite the molten quality to the fissures' appearance, their skin is only warm to the touch. Peakspren wear human clothing and tend to be bald, with their heads sporting more cracks than the rest of their bodies.[1][2]


Peakspren themselves seem to have no special abilities beyond those inherent to all spren living in Shadesmar; Unativi in particular defers to Shallan's Radiant powers as more suitable than his own abilities to deal with any unexpected danger.[4]

Nahel bond[edit]

When a peakspren bonds with a human, the human becomes a Stoneward and gains the ability to manipulate the Surges of Cohesion and Tension.[5]


The first time members of the coalition of monarchs took note of peakspren during the era of the True Desolation, a group including Adolin, Shallan, Kaladin, their spren, and Azure noticed some while traversing the city of Celebrant in Shadesmar in 1173. As they were seeking passage to either an Oathgate or a perpendicularity, they asked a peakspren who reported that he was headed east towards Freelight if he would consider taking them aboard his ship. The friendly spren seemed ready enough to do so, but told them to return in a half hour after the ship's inspection had taken place; before they had opportunity, however, Syl arranged for them to be taken on board the Honor's Path to avoid a group of pursuing Fused.[6]

In the year following this encounter, several Stonewards, including Badali and Zu, moved to Urithiru with their peakspren. Zu and Ua'pam were chosen to go on a diplomatic mission to Lasting Integrity,[7] while the other Stonewards and their squires stayed behind and endured the occupation of the tower by Raboniel and her forces.[8][9]

As the diplomatic detail to the honorspren required a ship to transport them, Ua'pam recruited his cousin Unativi to take them on his barge. When Adolin saw that a group of other peakspren comprised the crew, he mentioned the peakspren leaving them "stranded" in Celebrant. Ua'pam dismissively told him to forget the Kasiden peakspren. Even Unativi, who had agreed to sail the group of humans, refused to go to Lasting Integrity itself, compromising by taking them straight south to Nameless.[1]

You have more. Skill I need. Instead you go chasing humans. Losing your mind. Going to fight?

The peakspren were entranced by how well Adolin had "trained" Maya[1] and enjoyed visiting with Zu.[3] They welcomed Vathah's help with odd jobs around the barge during the trip and spent some time using their payment of Stormlight to manifest goods from the ocean of beads; this gave rise to an argument between Ua'pam and Unativi when the latter wanted to capitalize on Ua'pam's talent for manifestations and couldn't understand why he felt like he needed to fight in the war.[10] When the party finally landed at Nameless, the crew of peakspren were delighted to have an opportunity to peruse the town when Shallan offered to stay behind on the barge with their possessions.[4]


Kasiden peakspren, from the east? They are fools! Forget them.

Peakspren share some culture, speech patterns, and mannerisms with the Unkalaki.[2] They have different tribes or nations in Shadesmar, such as the Kasiden peakspren that originate in the east. There is a rivalry between these groups just as tends to arise between humans.[1]

Peakspren also differ in personal opinions and attitudes towards issues, rather than being one homogeneous group. For instance, Ua'pam argues in favor of throwing their lot in with the humans to defeat Odium, while Unativi believes that they can ride out the conflict without getting involved.[10]

Known Peakspren[edit]


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