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Rall Elorim
Nation Iri
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Rall Elorim is a city in the mountains of northern Iri on Roshar[1] and the most populous city in the nation.[2] It is also known as the City of Shadows for cryptic reasons,[3] and it contains an Oathgate.[4]


The city is located in the extreme northwest of Roshar. It is situated at the north end of a small mountain range, on a peninsula between the Reshi Sea and the Northern Depths.[1] Feverstone Keep is thought to be near Rall Elorim.[5]

Perhaps due to the city's remote location, people from other parts of Roshar such as Gawx and Kaladin have heard tales that characterize it as an exotic, mysterious land.[3][6]


During the False Desolation the singers, under Ba-Ado-Mishram, may have been interested in controlling something in or near Rall Elorim.[5]

Lift grew up in Rall Elorim, and recalled terrible memories of her time there.[3]

Rall Elorim fell under the control of Odium's forces, along with the rest of Iri, during the True Desolation. This concerned Dalinar since the city's Oathgate had a great deal of strategic value.[7]


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