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Princedom Sadeas princedom
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Tomat is a city in the Sadeas princedom of Alethkar.[1]


Tomat is near the border to both Jah Keved and Herdaz, and is just north of the Vamah princedom.[2] It seems to be located on a river that runs along the Alethkar-Jah Keved border, which later becomes the Jah Keved-Herdaz border before running through Herdaz and into a bay in the Reshi Isles.[1]


Tomat's city wall was broken by unknown means several generations before the True Desolation. During the subsequent Fused invasion of Alethkar, Tomat surrendered to and was occupied by Odium's forces. When the coalition of monarchs sent scouts throughout Alethkar, Kara the Windrunner observed an area that included Tomat, taking notes on singer troop placement and the condition of the building.[3]


The Gap[edit]

The wall around the city is broken, with the resulting gap becoming infamous among its citizens. During the city's occupation, the singers begin repairing the wall.[3]


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