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Vamah princedom
Alethkar Color.jpg
Ruler Highprince Vamah
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Vamah princedom is one of ten Alethi princedoms of Alethkar. Vamah's house colors are brown & grey.[1][2]


Vamah princedom is located in the North-West portion of the country and boarders Jah Keved to the West, Sadeas princedom to the North, Aladar princedom to the North-East and Ruthar princedom to the East and the South.[3] The Windrunner River runs along the entirety of the eastern boarder and marks the boundary with Aladar princedom and part of Ruthar princedom.[3] Grass grows to a much longer length in Vamah princedom than in Central Alethkar, reaching to approximately waist height.[4] Ryshadium are rarely found in the eastern pricedoms, however, there are occasional sightings.[4]



Vamah princedom was one of the ten princedoms reunited into a single country under Gavilar Kholin. Its highprince resisted unification for most of Gavilar's campaign, though by the time direct conflict occurred, the region was close to flipping its allegiances.[4] The Kholin defeat of Highlord Kalanor's army, marked the turning point and subsequent end of the war for unification.[4]

After the coming of the Everstorm, the city of Revolar is conquered by the singers and parshmen throughout the nearby regions begin to converge on the city. Both Kaladin and Moash pass through Revolar (though at different points in time) after it has been claimed by the singers. Before his arrival in Revolar, Kaladin and a group of parshmen shelter from a Highstorm at a waystop within the lands of Highlord Cadilar.



Loradar Vamah succeeded Kalanor as Highprince in the year 1145 after Kalanor was killed by Dalinar Kholin.[4] This transfer of power was engineered by Gavilar Kholin during his campaign to unify Alethkar, as Loradar was sympathetic to his cause and would swear fealty to House Kholin.[4] Highlord Paladar, a relative of the Highprince, is named as regent when the Alethi declare war on the Parshendi and march to the Shattered Plains.[5]


After the death of King Gavilar Kholin in 1167, Highprince Vamah calls to arms the people of his kingdom to fulfil the Vengeance Pact. In Farcoast there is a high response to the call for enlistment, with every one in two men of age joining the army.[6]



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