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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Paladar is a an Alethi Highlord who rules Vamah princedom as regent both during and immediately following the War of Reckoning.[1] He is a relative of Highprince Loradar Vamah.[1] Paladar is bald and known to be greedy, corrupt and notoriously harsh.[1] The city of Revolar has suffered under his leadership, with many darkeyes travelling to the city being driven away. [1]

Paladar is among the human population that is enslaved after the singers capture Revolar in 1174. However, unlike many of the other lighteyed prisoners, Paladar is able to exert his influence over fellow captives and set himself up as a leader, avoiding labor while retaining access to food and resources. Ultimately, his goal is to restore his place within the city.[1] He is particularly interested in finding soldiers to recruit from amongst the captives and also holds sway over a number of darkeyed guards and merchants.[1] The caravaneers captured by the singers work under Paladar's directive, despite their past dislike for him.[1]


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