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Princedom Vamah princedom
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Revolar is a city in Vamah princedom and one of the larger cities in the region.[1] It is located close to a tributary of the Windrunner River which forms the eastern border between Vamah princedom and Ruthar princedom.[2] Revolar is no more than a few weeks away from Hearthstone by foot.[3]


Built within a hollow between a series of hills, Revolar has long since spilt past its original border and now sprawls both between and up the surrounding slopes. The original boundary walls now mark the inner part of the city. Unlike the war camps, Revolar has a disorganized and inefficient layout.[3]

Army barracks and parshmen quarters can be found to outside of the city, to the east. There are regular caravans between Revolar and Kholinar and caravaneers and couriers often stay on the outskirts of the city.[4]


Occupation of Revolar (1174 – )[edit]

Revolar is conquered by the Fused after the Battle of Narak and between 40,000 and 50,000 singers[3] now occupy the city. Parshmen from nearby regions of Alethkar are led by yellow-white spren towards the city, with many of these groups then travelling on towards Kholinar. Kaladin travels with a group of parshmen from Sadeas princedom to Revolar, where after encountering a Fused he escapes with the passing Highstorm. Before fleeing, Kaladin attempts to help the human captives held outside of the city reach shelter, after they are caught unaware by the storm.

After being captured by the Fused in the Frostlands, Moash is transported to Revolar and held in the city's storm bunkers with the other human captives. Within these bunkers, there are workstations at which captives can sign up for either hard, basic or skilled labor.[4] The Fused are particularly interested in smiths, fletchers, and armorers and captives hiding these skills risk punishment of half rations on their whole family.[4] Moash volunteers at the hard labor station and is tasked with pulling carts from Revolar to Kholinar.


Like all of Alethkar, Revolar's social order and government is structured around class distinction.

This societal structure is maintained to some extent after Revolar is captured by the Fused and its occupants are enslaved. While both darkeyes and lighteyes captives are required to work, high ranking lighteyes such as Highlord Paladar are able to use their status and influence over the other captives to gain resources without participating in manual labour.[4]


Revolar is the seat of Highprince Loradar Vamah.[1] Before the city is conquered, Highlord Paladar rules as regent in the Highprince's absence.[4] Revolar suffers under Paladar's rule.[4]


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