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Profession Seamstress
Residence Revolar (former)
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Oathbringer

Poor kid. Better you than he.

—Muri to Shallan after Grund's death[1]

Muri is a darkeyed seamstress of the second nahn in Kholinar on Roshar.[2]

During the True Desolation, she fled the occupation of Revolar to Kholinar, losing her successful seamstressing business and moving into a hovel.[3] She has three daughters and struggled to feed them during the Siege of Kholinar, resorting to search water ditches for dead rats and cremlings for food.[3] She is usually regarded as "nice" and "pleasant,"[3][1] and generally had amusing gossip.[3]

When Veil asks Grund about people who might need food, Muri is the first person he lists.[3] Veil proceeds to donate some food to Muri and several other beggars and refugees. However, a gang known as the Grips terrorizes anyone who receives donations, ultimately killing Grund. Muri always had to wait for Veil for her food. Muri's handler from the Grips had an argument with another man, and Muri overheard her name so was hurriedly packing her and her family's bags to flee. Muri angrily chides Veil, telling Veil that she should have died instead of Grund, then leaves.[1]

Veil suffers a mental crisis after learning that her poor judgment lead to suffering and death, and is consoled by Wit.[1][4]


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