Windrunner River

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Windrunner River
Type River
Region Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Windrunner River is a body of water running through Alethkar on Roshar.[1] It is named for the Order of Windrunners of the Knights Radiant.[2]


The Windrunner River is the longest and most prominent river in northern Alethkar, and it defines the borders of several princedoms. Its catchment area spans most of northern Alethkar; the main branch of the river originates from the Unclaimed Hills near Shulin and flows northwest until it empties into the Bay of Elibath. One of its major tributaries flows from the Sunmaker Mountains and includes several branches that are close to Kholinar. Other tributaries originate near Kelathar and Tomat. The village of Hearthstone also lies on the river's path.[1]

In Shadesmar, the river is represented by long, thin peninsulas in the Sea of Oracles, one of which contains Candlemore.[3]


When Kaladin flew from Urithiru to the besieged city of Kholinar with Elhokar and his strike team, Sylphrena informed him that they had passed the Windrunner River to help orient him to their location on the continent.[4] When Kaladin and Elhokar were later walking towards the city, they passed over the river on a stone bridge, and Elhokar noted that the river was named after Kaladin's prominent Radiant Order.[2]

After the attempt to free Kholinar failed and most of the team ended up in Shadesmar, they traveled along the narrow strips of land that represented the river in the Cognitive Realm.[5]


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